Dam Controlled Rafting in Oregon on the North Umpqua River

Sunset on Lemolo Lake

Sunset on Lemolo Lake

Summer is here and the North Umpqua River has water.  The Oregon Cascade Range managed to get near normal rain fall and about 16% of our normal snow pack, which leaves Oregon in a good position to still be able to provide great whitewater rafting & kayaking.  If you are seeking great whitewater rafting in Oregon look for Dam controlled river systems.  Here on the North Umpqua River is an innovative hydro-electric power generating station.  The North Umpqua River is controlled by three dams: Lemolo, Tokette, Soda Springs and several canal ways that feed thru the system generating power several times before they all return to a free flowing river below Soda Springs Dam.  As well as power generation, the Soda Spring Dam also has a state of the art fish ladder for steelhead and salmon to freely return to the head waters of the Fish Creek drainage.           North Umpqua Hydro-Electric system and Soda Springs Fish Passage. 

Dams help the fish as well as rafting and kayaking by controlled releases of water for power generation and the operation of the Soda Springs fish passage you will find “World Class” whitewater rafting and kayaking all summer long Riding the Surf of the North Umpqua River

There are many tributary creeks and streams that the Fish of the Umpqua Basin depend on for spawning.  Stable water flows and cool water temperatures are very important to their survival.  USGS Copeland Creek Gauge Station.  Copland Creek gauge has been tracking river flow records since 1949.

The North Umpqua River offers “World Class” rafting & kayaking for all levels of experience and it is Family fun for all ages.  You can find some great swimming and cliff jumping when on a rafting /kayaking tour.  jumping in July on the North Umpqua River.

The North Umpqua River is known as “Oregon’s Emerald Jewel” as you can see Under the Rapids of the North Umpqua River

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