Action Packed Oregon Rafting/Kayaking Trips

Action Packed Oregon Rafting/Kayaking Trips:   

We offer rafting in Oregon on the North Umpqua River with state of the art equipment.  You will be supplied with everything you’ll need to stay safe, warm, and happy.  We provide all the equipment you’ll need except for personal items.  A trip list will be sent upon acknowledgement of policies. 

Full day trips:  

Choose from Segments I & II or Segments III & IV.  ($135.00 adults – kids under 12 $125.00).

Includes equipment: Life jacket, Helmet and splash wear.  Trip operations during covid, after booking your trip, you will receive a procedure sheet and you will also receive directions to the meeting place and time and other information.

River Map

If  you are lodging at one of the following locations:  River Vista, Dogwood Motel, Steamboat Inn, Mountain Mama Lodge or Umpqua’s Last Resort,  North Umpqua Outfitters will meet up with you to lead you to the meeting place.

Half day trips:  

Choose either Segment I or II and request either the morning or the afternoon.  $105 per person, includes all your equipment.  River Map

Two Day Trips: 

Will include segments I & II the first day and Segments III & IV on the second day.  ($265.00 adults – $245.00 kids under 12) includes all your equipment. If you need call 1-888-454-9696.  North Umpqua camping info: Riverside Camping.

Meeting Point:

This information will be discussed in the pre-trip procedure sheet.  We reserve the right to change our launch point due to weather or forest fire.

We offer 10% off for groups of 10 or more and for members of the military.

Call for details:  1-888-454-9696

Guide training and employment opportunities available.  Email resume to: