Immersing ourselves, spring flows on the North Umpqua

As the sun creeps into the canyon and the flowers are starting to bloom the river is also coming to life. I have always felt that the river is something different, something to be given another level of respect, over 2000 cfs. The waterfalls and side creeks are flowing strong right now, Dog creek can bee seen from Toilet Bowl Rapid! The Dogwoods, with their brilliant white simplicity, have come and gone but they are replaced by a beautiful purple hue that is starting to take over the hillsides. There has been a giant juvenile Bald Eagle showing off its skills lately, along with all the other usual suspects, Ouzels, Osprey, Kingfisher, and the occasional Mink! Toni and I are getting in the swing of things and are still in disbelief that we have this opportunity in our life. Sorry about all the smiling!