Rafting the North Umpqua River is the perfect summer get away!

The weather is heating up and the rapids of the North Umpqua are coming to life! It is a strange phenomenon that the rapids start to get bigger as the water drops. In fact, one the biggest hits on the river is at it biggest when the water is at its lowest! There is still time to get out and catch the spring colors and the many little waterfalls trickling into the river. We saw our first group of little Merganzers on the last trip and I know the goslings are just about ready to show themselves. There has also been a juvenile Bald Eagle showing off its newly acquired flight skills and it has been impressive. The adults are around as well but its that new life in the spring that gets us so excited for the summer. With school getting out for the summer and everyone looking for an adventure to do I hope you consider a trip down the Wild and Scenic North Umpqua River, The Emerald Jewel. The family and I would love to show you around.